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Look no further. You'll find it at United Engine where quality is first. At United Engine you get quality long blocks and short blocks, cylinder heads and crank kits.

Select an engine rebuilder that performance tests its engines. And United Engine offers a special extended warranty - 40,000 miles or 3 years! Our products are built to last!

We'll get the products to you! Whether you are one mile away from one of our convenient California locations or thousands of miles away within or outside of the US, we can ship anywhere in the United States and internationally. We currently sell thousands of products to Europe! Take a look at some photos which will give you a snapshot of why people choose United Engine. Looking at some of our quality work you'll never believe that the new, shiny and smooth blocks and heads were just a short time earlier used, worn, dirty blocks and heads. That's what doing things the right way is all about, so buy right and get right at United Engine.

Buy direct from the largest in California. We have been in business for 25 years, so when you buy from United Engine you know you are getting products made by experienced, knowledgeable technicians whose name is backed by one of the best warranties in the business. More than 2000 engines in stock, more than 10,000 cranks and cams, and one of the largest inventories of cylinder heads around!

Buy direct from the largest - no middleman!

We also custom design from mild to wild, integrating true craftsmanship into our work. You can always call us at 1-800-675-1000 or visit one of our eight Southern California locations. Some examples of our products include Chevy 305-350 to '85-2 bolt, Chevy 350 to '85 4-bolt, Chevy 350 4-bolt to '83 - no core needed, Buick 231 3.8L, Chevy 2.8 173 to '84, Ford 289 & 302 car or truck up to '84, Ford 351C, 351W, 351M, 360,390,400 to '84, Dodge 318,360 to '84 and many more!!!

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American Motors/Jeep
sizes 150/2.5 to 401/6.6
sizes 181/3.0 to 455/7.5
sizes 250/4.1 to 500.8.0
Chevrolet GMC
sizes 98/1.6 to 454/7.4
sizes 86/1.4 to 440/7.0
sizes 98/1.6 to 460/7.5
sizes 79/1.3 to 119/2.0
size 90/1.5, year 86-91

sizes 111/1.8 to 2.6
sizes 1970C to 2.6
sizes 1800C to 2.4
1.5/1.6 to 3000C
138/2.3 to 455/7.5
112/1.8 to 455/7.5

1.5 to 3000C

For our engine rebuilders we use high quality parts like Melling, Silvolite, Dynagear, Seal Power, ITM, Durabond, Clevite and much more. And we speak perfect Spanish, too!

Buy with confidence from the largest engine remanufacturer in California -

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Our tremendous inventory and knowledgeable people help get you - the customer - just what you need. So make your choice from short blocks, short block cores, long blocks, long block cores, crank kits and cylinder heads. At United Engine having a choice is not just something we say...we make it a reality as you, the customer, is what has made United Engine the #1 engine remanufacturer in California!

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Cylinder heads include: resurfacing heads, new guides, jet hot tanking, magna fluxing, grind valve, spring shim, valve stem seals, and repainted heads!

  • Purchase crank kits including rod and main bearing for only $45.
  • Or take advantage of our offer for a FREE remanufactured cam shaft with online purchase or ad.

Buy direct from the largest in California with 25 years experience.

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Have questions about parts or pricing? Ask away on our customer feedback form! Please provide part numbers whenever possible, or as complete descriptions as possible including manufacturer, year, engine size and model numbers. If you don't see the product you're looking for, give us a call as we can special order and custom-design to customer requests.

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